Prisoner Resettlement Support

Khidmat Centres at Spencer Road is pioneering on a female prisoner resettlement support programme- ‘Harmony Hub’.

Harmony Hub for Muslim women being released to Bradford from HMP/YOI New Hall and Askham Grange prisons with referrals now coming from other areas.

Our award winning work has been recognised nationally and internationally.

Our project also serves as a voice for marginalized minority female groups in the Criminal Justice System. We work proactively to develop and document good community let practice, amplify unheard voices and impact on relevant policy and practice.

Harmony Hub is based on an award winning research Muslim Women in Prison- Second Chance: Fresh Horizons by the current project team.

This is a challenging area of work, given the social stigma and other sensitivities surrounding Muslim women and criminality.

The fact there is isn’t a provision of this type around the country means we are learning all the time and developing pioneering good practice. For the country and for Bradford this is first.

We are quickly being acknowledged as the specialists in this field and are finding an increase in the number of minority women from other backgrounds accessing our services.


We aim to provide tailored support to women in prison via our Prisoner Resettlement Worker both while they are serving sentences and upon release.

Our support package consists of

  • Contact
    Establishing contact with women in prison prior to their release to discuss and agree their post release needs.

  • Support

    Arranging for interpreters where required.

  • Advice

    Provide advice on immigration matters/deportation.

  • Guidance

    Recommending and making referrals to other specialist agencies, within the prison and in the community.

  • Heal

    Where appropriate facilitation of family links.

  • Responsibility

    Facilitating supervised children contact.

  • Hands on

    Practical support with:

    • Applying for benefits.
    • Advice and support with immigration issue.
    • Facilitating advice and guidance on Islamic Divorce issues and spiritual support.
    • Faith / culture based issues.
    • One to one confidence building/mentoring.
    • Accessing adult education classes / course on site.
    • Accessing volunteering and employment opportunities.
    • Getting back on to the education ladder.


For information and referrals contact Khidmat Centres.

Motivational Recognition

When we are recognised for our positive hard work, it invigorates for the next stage.