Daycare for people with Learning Disability

We aim to provide religiously and culturally appropriate daycare development support for young adults with learning disabilities.

For the Khidmat Centres the need of our service users and their carers is fundamental in the development of our service delivery.

We ALSO have a funky sensory room!

We have a funky sensory room!

Here at The Khidmat Centre we have a brand new Sensory Room. Sensory Rooms offer huge benefits to a wide range of users regardless of their age or ability. Sensory rooms have a variety of functions, for example some people may have senses that need to be stimulated via vibration whereas others have senses that are better stimulated with lights or sounds.



For information and referrals contact Khidmat Centres.

We aim to provide

  • Safety
    To provide a safe and secure environment.

  • Sensitivity

    Religiously and culturally appropriate provision within both Centres

  • Quality

    User centered quality care

  • Development

    Enhance social and practical skills

  • Independance

    To empower service users to have more control over their lives and to become more independent.

  • Support

    To support carers at home and in the community

  • Encouragement

    Encouraging service users with Learning disabilities to become volunteers within the service

Outdoor development activities

  • Leisure outings
    bowling, trips to parks, museums and farms.

  • Day trips

    Communal outings

  • Teaching life skills

    Using public transport, shopping skills, familiarizing clients with public places.

  • Group walking

    Light exerciss and short trips

We aim to keep our service users constructively occupied and entertained to build their confidence, life skills and independence.

For this work, we closely work with carers to ensure that they are involved in key decisions and their needs are supported.

We have regular quarterly reviews for service users and their carers to share the work and development of each individual whilst at the Khidmat Centres.

User voice is first and foremost of any of our decisions, activities and delivery of our service.

Indoor development activities

  • Life skills
    numeracy, identification of letters, colours etc.

  • Self care

    Maintaining basic hygiene.

  • Fun

    Board Games and activities

  • Arts and crafts

    Painting and creative skills

  • Dance and singalongs

    Music and movement

  • TV viewing

    movies and cartoons

  • Sensory activities

    Such as ball games in sports hall

  • Volunteering

    Working with others

Refreshments are available on site

The drop in sessions are free of charge, however a small fee may apply for day trips.

Meals: You can have meals with us at the centre. We have a community restaurant on site which provides freshly cooked Halal and vegetarian meals to the day centre as well as members of the public for a nominal charge.

Essential Provisions

Services which we deep high priority


Escorted transport from home to the centre and back home.


Hot cooked meals.

Going Out

Light exercises and short trips