About Khidmat Centres

Khidmat Centres are two accessible, purpose built community centres in Bradford.

Our services are primarily for the vunerable members of our community.

Each centre also has additional facilities you can hire for your own uses.

Vision and Mission Statement

Vision and mission Statement

"Enabling grassroots communities to maximise their potential.

At the heart of this, Khidmat Centres aspires to tackle difficult and often overlooked causes such as disability, gender equality, age discrimination and criminality"

Our Valued Partners and Supporters

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Our Support Network

Aims and Objectives

  • Develop and Grow
    We meet with people to arrange personally designed activities, where they can be supported on a one-to-one basis or in groups and we would love to have a chat and get to know you.

    We work with individuals who have autism and we are able to cater for their personal requirements. If you want, we can also talk to your family, friends or carer. We’ll speak to your social worker too, if they have referred you.

    Then we will work with you to do an assessment and make sure that we cover all areas of care and support that you will need. We do this to make sure we really understand you and can support you in the best way possible.

    This is then agreed with you, as well as your social worker and local authority – we do this so that we can agree on funding to pay for your support.

  • Person-centred Planning

    After assessing your needs, we work with you and anyone else you want to be involved, to make a plan for the support we will deliver. This is called a person-centred plan, because you are central to it.

    The plan will detail the services we will provide, with information like who your support workers are, times of your support, and the specific things we need to support you with each day. It will also include what your goals and aspirations are and how we will help to achieve them.

    Over time your needs might change. You may need more or less support, or support with different activities.

    We continuously monitor and review the support we provide to make sure your needs are being met.

    If at any time your support does not meet your needs and goals we can work with you to review it and make changes.

  • Quality

    We also have our own quality standards, What Matters Most, which help us support people with a learning disability in the best possible way. These standards have been developed to cover the things that people have told us are important to them.

  • Transport

    We can facilitate transport to and from the centre, for which there is a charge. This charge is means tested. Transport is provided for frail and disabled persons and trained staff are available to provide assistance and support.

  • Representative Groups

    The Khidmat Centre has member’s representative groups which meet regularly to discuss and input on issues in the centre and in the community as well.

Our Senior Management Team


Mohammed Ibrahim

General Manager

Ishtiaq Ahmed

Policy & Strategic Support

Sofia Buncy

National Co-ordinator | Prisoner Rehab and Community Development

Fozia Shaheen

Learning Disability Project Manager